Chicken Presentation

Today, I did my second chicken presentation! Before I talk about this one, I’d like to talk about my first. My first chicken presentation was in February in which I talked about how to tell if a chicken is show quality. That one went alright, I was extremely nervous and dreading it all that day. Since it was 4-H, I got a blue ribbon, which I was happy about. On my presentation today, I was barely even nervous. I did it on chicken psychology, which was a bit out of the box based on my chicken knowledge. I was really happy with how it went, I seemed to articulate my point across clearly. However, I said “um” seventeen times and only did a little bit of hand gestures (which I couldn’t really do because I was holding Lily the whole time), which dropped my grade down a bit (this was for school, not 4-H). I’m so proud of how well Lily behaved. She let me hold her for the whole five minutes without squirming and she demonstrated others things well also. All in all, I think the presentation today was great and I hope to do more in the future!


The sun is back!

   I got some photos of the chicks yesterday! The sun come back again yesterday afternoon, it was such a blessing! There are few things better than sitting in bright green grass, with the sun shining on your face, and a few chickens on your lap! Yesterday, I moved the chicks in a bigger and better brooder. They are loving the extra space!

  When I checked on my animals this morning, I first got startled because my rabbit, Cato, was lying on his side. I know that he does this every once and a while but I poked him and he didn’t move! I then opened the cage, it turned out he was just sleeping! Anyways, so I was filling Cato’s water up when I heard a raucous croaking noise. I assumed it was just nothing and continued what I was doing until I heard it again. This time it was definitely a crow. I looked, and my one month old Mille Fleur d’Uccle rooster was crowing! It’s kind of weird, all my bantam roosters have crowed at a very early age, while I’ve never heard of a standard rooster crowing so early. It was nice to hear my little rooster crow, it just about made my whole day!  Here are some pictures I took my chicks yesterday:


The three pictures above are of my rooster that started crowing today! 🙂


This is one of my Mille Fleur d’Uccle hens.

Rainy Days

We’ve been having a few dismal, rainy days lately. Unfortunately, I don’t usually let my chickens out in the rain, as it can be dangerous. Sometimes, chickens will get extremely wet and when night comes it can freeze their feathers which kills them (in winter). In the other seasons, it may not freeze to them, but if it gets too cold, they could get hypothermia. It may seem silly, but with my bantams so low to the ground who aren’t always smart enough to get out of the rain, I’d rather avoid the situation with them in the rain. I’m hoping to see the sun come back soon! 🙂

My chicks have grown up SO fast! They’re already a month old now–I’m so happy! I have two Japanese roosters and two Japanese hens. For the Mille Fleur d’Uccles, I have three hens and one rooster (which is perfect for breeding! =D ). I’m still picking and deciding their names and I’ll make sure to post them when it’s official! I’m going to take pictures of them soon, I’ll make sure to post them after I take them!


Sweety is a Black Silkie. She hatched on July 10, 2012. I picked her up at the farm store a few days after that. She was raised with Rudy, a Golden Laced Polish rooster, who I had to get rid of. She was my very first bantam chicken and she was sweet as a young chicken. She has lost her sweetness as she aged though. Now she drives me crazy with her incessant squawking and broodiness. I have showed her once, which was a big mistake. But, I’m thankful I did! Everything happens for a reason, if it weren’t for that I wouldn’t have April! Sweety is a very interesting bird in my flock!



Odysseus is the best rooster I’ve ever had. He is a Black Cochin Bantam. I got Odysseus at a farm store in September and he hatched on September 13, 2013. He grew up with Summer and Ivan, both have passed away for health reasons. I figured out that Odysseus was a rooster at about two weeks old because he had a huge comb for just a young cockerel. He was aggressive at a time but now he’s not as bad. Odysseus always gives me a good laugh when the second he sees me he ruffles up and races toward me. He loves to dance around me to scare me, kinda like a turkey! I don’t think he gets the memo that he’s a tiny bantam rooster! I love Odysseus and I hope to keep him, as he is the only nice rooster I’ve had.


Elizabeth (Liz)

Liz is one of my “crazy” chickens. She is a White Frizzle Cochin Bantam I got her at a fair in August, because I needed more show quality birds. She hatched around February of 2013. I bought Liz with her one and only chicken friend, Savannah, but Savannah recently passed away. Liz is always letting me know how she feels about everything. Which means she is constantly squawking, the more raucous the squawk, the more “urgent” her needs are. One thing I dislike about her is I can never hold her for more than a few seconds without her squirming and trying to get out of my arms. Obviously, she’s not a calm bird. A nice thing about her is she adds more character to my flock with her frizzly feathers and different personality.


Chicken Breeding

Lately, I’ve decided to start the avocation of chicken breeding. I have two Mille Fleur d’Uccle hens and one Mille Fleur d’Uccle rooster. They are show quality chickens and their chicks should be also. I hope to start breeding in the spring of 2016! When I do breed, I just wanted to let you know, show quality is not guaranteed.

Leave a comment below if you are interested.