April is a Self Blue d’Anver. I’m not exactly sure when April hatched, as I bought her from a fair. When I was showing for my first time, with Sweety, it wasn’t going well. Sweety was being a brat and was incessantly freaking out. At this fair, if your birds weren’t cooperating, you could borrow a bird. So I borrowed April. The show ended up turning out great and I was the recipient of a trophy and a ribbon. In the process, I fell in love with April and wished she was my chicken very much! I asked the person I borrowed April from if I could buy her, even though I assumed he would say no. It turned out he said yes! I purchased April and gladly took her home! April’s personality is strange. She is very aloof and flighty but when you catch her and hold her; she is extremely calm and easy to work with. Because of that, she is an excellent bird to show. I’ve shown April at two fairs and I hope to continue showing her. April is an excellent show bird and a great bird in my flock.



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