Rainy Days

We’ve been having a few dismal, rainy days lately. Unfortunately, I don’t usually let my chickens out in the rain, as it can be dangerous. Sometimes, chickens will get extremely wet and when night comes it can freeze their feathers which kills them (in winter). In the other seasons, it may not freeze to them, but if it gets too cold, they could get hypothermia. It may seem silly, but with my bantams so low to the ground who aren’t always smart enough to get out of the rain, I’d rather avoid the situation with them in the rain. I’m hoping to see the sun come back soon! 🙂

My chicks have grown up SO fast! They’re already a month old now–I’m so happy! I have two Japanese roosters and two Japanese hens. For the Mille Fleur d’Uccles, I have three hens and one rooster (which is perfect for breeding! =D ). I’m still picking and deciding their names and I’ll make sure to post them when it’s official! I’m going to take pictures of them soon, I’ll make sure to post them after I take them!


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