Chicken Presentation

Today, I did my second chicken presentation! Before I talk about this one, I’d like to talk about my first. My first chicken presentation was in February in which I talked about how to tell if a chicken is show quality. That one went alright, I was extremely nervous and dreading it all that day. Since it was 4-H, I got a blue ribbon, which I was happy about. On my presentation today, I was barely even nervous. I did it on chicken psychology, which was a bit out of the box based on my chicken knowledge. I was really happy with how it went, I seemed to articulate my point across clearly. However, I said “um” seventeen times and only did a little bit of hand gestures (which I couldn’t really do because I was holding Lily the whole time), which dropped my grade down a bit (this was for school, not 4-H). I’m so proud of how well Lily behaved. She let me hold her for the whole five minutes without squirming and she demonstrated others things well also. All in all, I think the presentation today was great and I hope to do more in the future!


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