Another entry in the fair!

I just entered one of my Japanese Bantam roosters in the fair online! I was originally going to sell him, but since he’s show quality and somewhat tame, I might as well show him in the fair! He seems to do fine with all the quirky things you have to do to the chickens in fitting and showing, which is great. Although, the only bad thing is that he doesn’t have quite as many features on him so there is less opportunities to earn more points during the show. Sage, my other option, isn’t quite as easy to show as my rooster is, but she has extra features such as: vulture hocks, feathered legs, a beard, and muffs which looks more impressive when you’re naming off the parts of the chicken. I’m thinking that I’m going to train both of them multiple times a day and a few days before the fair I’m going to decide which chicken I’ll be using! I’m so excited! 🙂


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