The fair is coming!!

  Ahh! How is the fair coming in only a week? Time has gone by way to fast! I thought by now I would be more prepared for it, but I’m definitely not. My vegetables are getting ready at the wrong times, I’m really hoping they will work! I’m not going to be able to put my chickens in cages with wire floors, so they won’t be as prepared for it either. However, I have decided to show Sage at the fair, since she has gotten used to the showing quirks. Cato (my rabbit) is still very squirmy and he will not cooperate, I’m not sure how I’m going to show him! I have so much to study on chickens, and rabbits, I need to finish Lily’s costume, I need to practice chicken racing with April, I need to make sure Sage doesn’t lapse into bad showing habits, and I need to get Cato all prepared to show! So much to do in only a week! :O 

 I am excited that I have a 4-H meeting tomorrow, and set up for the fair on Friday! I love the fair a lot, but it can get very stressful for my animals and I! 

 I apologize that I have not done an update in a while. I was out of town last weekend at a concert. The concert was amazing though, and I got to meet one of my favorite singers! 😀

 Anyways, I will try and update how my preparations for the fair are going. Thanks for reading!


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