Another update….getting really worried about the fair

  Alright, so my preparations were going great! I have been scrutinizing the Standard of Perfection and I feel like knowledge wise, it’s been going great. But my animals, they aren’t ready. 

  I noticed yesterday that Sage was acting strange yesterday but I didn’t think much of it. Today, she is starting to act like the other chickens I had, Summer and Ivan, who both got ill and passed away earlier this year. Now I’m starting to get really worried. She is really the only chicken I have trained enough to do the fitting and showing. I’m really hoping that I’m just being overly paranoid and she’s not ill. If she is ill, I won’t be able to take her to the fair at all, which could result in a disaster. I have been feeding her yogurt and oats to encourage her to eat more, but things aren’t looking well for this fair.

   Cato, my rabbit, I have not worked with at all. I have been so distracted with my chickens and such that I haven’t been doing it. He’s so stubborn I’m not sure that he’d do well even if I did work with him a lot. 

  My vegetables are doing well though. The lettuce hasn’t gotten bad so I will be able to do that, the beans will do well, but the kohlrabi, eh, I’m not sure if it will be ready in time. 

 I have two more days tell fair set up, three more days tell I take my stuff to the fair,  and four days tell the fair starts and fitting and showing with chickens. Everything has come up so fast! Thanks for reading.


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