Fair Results!

   The fair is over! Here are some of my results.

Poultry-in fitting and showing, I was very disappointed in how I did. I got a perfect score in it, but I went against the future grand champion in the first round so I was eliminated and got a simple blue ribbon. In type, I got blues for ALL of my birds! Hans also got champion male and reserved bantam, and Koki got reserved male. I didn’t do well in the rooster crowing contest, Hans never crowed! I got third in the chicken dressing contest, but I didn’t really win anything. I made it only to the second round in the chicken races, it was still fun though.

Rabbits-in fitting and showing, I won my group and got third in my division! It’s so funny though, because I don’t know much about rabbits! Cato got me a Best of Class rosette in type, and I got a blue ribbon in rabbit judging.

Horticulture-I got a blue ribbon on my kohlrabi, lettuce (even though it was wilted!), and zucchini. I got a red ribbon for my beans, just like last year. I think beans are pretty difficult to do.

Posters-I got a blue and a red on my two posters.

 It’s hard to believe that the fair is already over! Although, I found out that I qualified for state. I’m not sure if I’ll be going because it might not work in my schedule but I’ll just have to wait and see.


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