Sick chickens, again!

   I think that some of my birds are sick. It’s a little frustrating, because I just got done dealing with Sage’s sickness. Thankfully, Sage is all better now. My other chickens have been having bloody droppings and today I spotted a small, thread-like worm in one of them. At first, my mind thought one word; coccidiosis. The thing is, besides the evidence in their droppings, there is absolutely nothing that seems wrong. Usually when chickens are infested with internal parasites, they are listless, have ruffled feathers, and don’t go anywhere. All of my birds are still being their cheerful selves, with their verve and such. I was researching this and I have come to the conclusion that my chickens have cecal worms, because they are described to look like the one I spotted this morning, and there are no symptoms of listlessness and such. I’m a bit relieved that it’s probably not coccidiosis, but I’m still probably going to have to treat my birds for whatever parasites they have.


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