Save the Campines!

     If you are an experienced chicken raiser, and have looked at most chicken breeds, you should have ran into Campines. Campines are not only beautiful, but they are good foragers and layers. They are small bodied chickens and consume low amounts of feed and are good for selling eggs. Unfortunately, Campines are a critical breed. A critical status means they are very endangered, they risk extinction, and there are less than 1,000 birds worldwide! Considering there is about 35 billion chickens on the planet, that is not good for the breed! 

    I thought I’d write this article to inform people about this critical breed, because this breed cannot go extinct! I seem to have an affinity for breeds from Belgium, and this fits in the groove, interestingly. d’Uccles are my favorite breed, which originated in Belgium, I love d’Anver which originated there also, and I am very intrigued by Campines, which originated in Belgium! 

   When you get chicks, I would recommend to support critical or endangered breeds, especially Campines. Just because they are critical or endangered doesn’t mean there’s something bad about them, it just seems there greatness or uniqueness has not been discovered. Please support Campines!!! 

   Here are some links about Campines:

  Hatcheries you can order Campines from include:


Meyer Hatchery

Murray McMurray Hatchery

Stromberg’s Hatchery 

Sand Hill Preservation Center 



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