Chicken Breeding: Coming Soon! :)

  I can’t believe it! I’ll be doing chicken breeding very soon. Gabriela is already laying, so all I need to wait for is chicken breeding season (late winter, spring, and summer) and for Sage and Primrose to begin laying. I’m hoping to do my first batch of eggs in January or February. I want to be able to give the option of hatching eggs and chicks. Day old chicks I think I will sell for about $7 each and hatching eggs I’m not sure. Seven dollars may be a little pricy for day old chicks, but this is not poor hatchery stock that could have missing or extra toes; crooked: necks, backs, toes, feet; split: tails, wings, and combs; etc! These should be good quality birds with show quality characteristics. Of course, I am not guaranteeing this. Even the best strains of chickens can produce bad quality birds, it is just less likely. My birds have good genetics with no deformities, so their chicks shouldn’t either. 

  It will be interesting to see how this venture goes. I may only do one batch and figure out that it’s way too hard to sell the chicks, or it may be a great success. I’ll just have to wait and see!


Thanks for reading! 🙂


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