My Japanese Roosters

  Yesterday, I was thinking about my two lovely Japanese roosters, Koki and Sebastian. I was reminiscing my plans for the roosters, which was giving them away. They were listed for sale, yet no one wanted them, little did I know that I would be thankful for that.

  They were for sale for $10 each, and I was desperately hoping they would sell very fast. At the time, they weren’t the nicest roosters in the world, but I never gave them a chance. Every single other chicken that was listed with them sold. The fair came soon enough, I took them off the listing, and deciding I would show one of them (Koki). After Sage got ill, I started working with Koki, having high hopes that he would do well. He turned out doing magnificent, and I soon grew very attached to him. Sebastian, the other rooster, I envisaged to sell him after the fair. During the fair, I only had four chickens home: April, Dannielle, Victoria, and Sebastian. April was and has always been flighty, Dannielle and Victoria weren’t being very friendly either, but Sebastian was. He allowed me to pet him and he was nearly as tame as Koki. Soon, I grew very attached to Sebastian also. At first, I still considered selling them, but their sweetness unconvinced me. 

  It’s hard to think that a month and a half ago, I planned to sell both of them. If I did, there would just be a little less joy in the coop. There weren’t be a rooster coming out dancing near me, there would be quiet a few less hilarious crows, and no chicken to practice fitting and showing. I still don’t know what my plan with both of them is, but for now I plan on keeping them. Roosters usually start to get mean from 4-9 months, so most of them are in that age range. I doubt they will get mean, but if they do I will most likely sell them or give them away for free. I would do breeding with them, but with all the Japanese breeding problems, I’d rather not mess with them and unhappy costumers. 


“Up with the dawn and the rooster crow                                                                                                                                          Been that way since I don’t know.” [-The Harvester by Brandon Heath]







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