Microorganisms–An Amazing Aspect of Creation

Today, I got out our old microscope, and began to teach myself to use it since I will be using it the following days for my science. Our microscope is practically an antiquity, as it was a model from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Being raised in a newer, high-tech age, I could not figure out how to use it. Eventually, my dad got it to work and I got the hang of using the intricate device. First, I thought of how amazing it was that someone could put together objects such as: a mirror, lens, lever, and slides and make a microscope. Since my creativity is very limited, I find creativity in inventions very fascinating.

I collected some pond water to look at the organisms in it, such as bacteria and protozoa (I thought I’d just add that when I took a sample in a jar I somehow got a young salamander and a sea snail in there!). I put it under a microscope today, I scanned the minuscule amount of the water. If you simple looked at it, the average person would probably say it was just, “A little water and dirt.” That was what I, of course, thought. Looking at it under a microscope I discovered it was SO much more! First of all, there was a little dirt but most of the dirt-like substance which is far more fascinating. Dirt is just decayed remains (humus), rocks, and minerals (which is a bit more exciting than thinking of it as just “dirt”), but it was actually algae–it’s much more amazing! Algae is a protist (simple celled, eukaryotic organisms that are both consumers and consumers) that uses photosynthesis for sustenance and, different from plants, it lives in water! What’s the significance of that? It’s not only interesting to learn, but, ironically, algae creates most of the oxygen in the air we breathe. Don’t take it for granted!

Also, when I was scrutinizing the sample, I saw copious Volvox which is tiny little protist in a circular shape, they are VERY active, it’s hard to see them! I saw amoebas, which I thought were by far the most interesting. They are also a protist, and they look like a piece of Jell-O in a random shape with multi-colored dots in them. What I find very spectacular is that amoebas move by extending their cell membrane! Also, I found some parameciums, which is a protist, and it is in a elongated (length-wise) oval shape. Those things are fast too! When I looked at all these different organisms it was so strange because they are so small yet they are so interesting and go unnoticed!

As I conclude, I found a myriad of different organisms in a minuscule drop of pond water, how extravagant to think that there are trillions more interesting creations in all the ponds in the world! There are so many jaw dropping microorganisms that we see from in a farther out perspective and we think nothing of it. Nature and creation could have been made monotonous, but God chose something better, interesting, and extravagant. He chose to make it absolutely amazing! Chickens are another example, I think they are spectacular, and they have been made very unique and complex, it is uncomprehendable! So, the next chance you get to see and explore nature, don’t look at every thing from the small picture, see the big picture, from a microscopic view, to a teloscopic view, to any perspective in the spectacular array of God’s creation.


Above are pictures of a variety of protists. The one in the upper left corner is a paramecium, which I mentioned. These photographs were taken at about 400 times zoomed in. Picture from: Wikipedia.


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