Update 10-27-14

I figured I should go a farm update today, since I haven’t done one in myriad days. My chickens are doing well, all happy and healthy. They seem to have gotten standoffish towards me, which troubles me. Also, Sebastian and Koki have been quarreling the past few weeks, I’m hoping I won’t have to give one of them away.

Another somewhat exciting event is, yesterday, I was elected the vice president of my 4-H club! I’m happy I’ve leveled up from last year, which I was the historian (also known as the photographer). I am greatly excited about 4-H this year, and I’m hoping next year I’ll be president (or at least run for president). I was originally going to run for president this year, but I devised it would be best to take vice president, as I could get some experience as being the back-up president every-once-in-a-while, and not get ahead of myself. It would be difficult to jump from the responsibility of the historian to the president between only one year anyway.

The weather has not been pleasant lately. The rain has been falling torrentially and, surprisingly, we have a hurricane (or a tropical storm), hurricane Ana, heading our way. Hurricanes seldom come here so it is strange. I don’t think it is a strong hurricane, but I’ll just be hoping for the best!

Here is a fitting quote from a song:

“Storm clouds in the sky/Perfect weather said goodbye/And you ask me, “Am I okay?”/ Isn’t it obvious, looking like I’m such a mess/Not gonna let it ruin my day/…Bring on the hurricane/ Whatever comes my way/ I’m not gonna let the rain, let the rain bring me down/You make the sun shine and push the clouds out of the way/…You can be my sunshine and we can radiate”     –Radiate by Tricia

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