My Little Chicken “Adventure” Last Night!

I had a little chicken adventure last night! Here’s what happened.

It has been really cold and windy here, which I do not like. However, since it has been sunny, I thought I would let my chickens out anyway. I opened the chicken door, like usual, and kept it closed with a piece of wood. The past week I have been ailing with a horrid cold, so I did not visit my chickens. I continued in my normal chore routine, and went to lock them up. However, I was greeted with my four Mille Fleur d’Uccles and a closed door. I became aggravated, the piece of wood holding the door closed must have fallen over. The other six chickens were outside, in the wind and frigid weather–and I had to find them and put them back into the coop. I ventured out of the coop and started looking for them. First, I found Victoria, who was sitting in a pile of leaves near the coop–poor Victoria couldn’t get into the trees with her buddies because she was too big! Second and third, I found April and Dannielle in a nearby tree, and I retrieved them both. I continued to look, to find no other chickens. Looking in trees, on the ground, and every-other-place, to still find nothing. I traversed back to the house, and got someone to assist me in finding them. Quickly, I found Koki and Sebastian, roosting in a higher tree. There was only one chicken left: Lily. I was intensely frustrated, he is my favorite chicken and I would be greatly heartbroken if I lost her because of my fecklessness. I eventually found her high up in the tree, once I retrieved her, she was freaking out. Why? Imagine being a chicken, having to sleep in a tree, and during the night, in your sleep, you feel something grab you and pull you down–that would be rather traumatic! I felt so bad for my chickens last night, and I’m going to be more careful in the future.

I’m just thankful all of them survived and are well. Please feel free to leave a comment on the story, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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