The Reliability of Science: Should We Rely On It?

I am fond of science and I have zeal in learning it. However, I feel people nowadays rely too much on science. Because of this, theories have become dogmas with little or no evidence. Science cannot prove anything, science itself should not be relied on, instead, we should rely on Something worthy of our trust and reliability.


(Picture provided by: From top to bottom: Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter)

Science itself cannot prove anything. People could try and prove anything with “scientific evidence.” However, scientific evidence cannot prove anything either. Why? Science is not 100% reliable! I could come up with scientific evidence that the sun revolves around the earth, but since scientific evidence is not 100% reliable, it could be fallacious. Same with any scientific theory or even law, they could be erroneous.

Science itself is not reliable, and should not be worthy of trust. If science cannot prove anything and it is not 100% reliable–why would you place your trust in it? It is putting trust in something that is clearly not true and accurate. I would encourage you, to not focus on the reliability of science, but on the reliability of The Bible!

2 Timothy 3:16 ESV

“All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.” [bold and italics added for emphasis]

What is this verse saying? It is saying that the Bible is reliable for teaching, proof of something, correction, and training. Also, it says, scripture is, “breathed by God,” meaning that he spoke the words into existence. How is this relevant? Well, God is flawless, so that would mean his words are flawless. If his words are flawless, then the Bible his flawless. If the Bible is flawless, it is reliable (according to deductive reasoning and logic).

The Bible and God are worthy of our reliability and trust. If something is absolutely flawless, and something else his likely to have flaws, which will you choose to rely on? Logically, the flawless source is reliable. You may be thinking how this is relevant to chickens, and I’ll make a connection. I have learned, when I read scientific chicken books, that everything in the book is not necessarily true. It is full of opinions and theories. Seldom, I come upon a book that does not say, “Over millions of years,”or “they evolved over long periods of times, or even, “these are natural instincts that they developed from evolution.” When I seek knowledge in the bible, I find many statements in chicken books are fallacious. According to the Bible, the earth is roughly 6,000-years-old; so the first statement is wrong. On the second statement, the Bible makes no mention to the evolving of animals; so genetically, the same chickens that entered the ark, are the same we have today (although they didn’t have as many breeds as today because we have interbred the original types and created our own breeds). The third statement is also erroneous; in Genesis 1, it evinces that God created the animals and He gave them instincts.

So I conclude saying: I encourage you to not rely on science, nor theories of man. You must rely on what we know is true; God and the Bible.

“Where are all the questions?
In a world of mystery
I’ma keep searchin’, till you show me
With both eyes open, I won’t sleep
I’ma keep searchin’ till you show me
I can hear it on the stereo, see it on the telly
Oh, no, I won’t be deceived!
Illuminate the truth to me
I’ma keep searchin’ till you show me

You are life
So open up my eyes
You are mine, Jesus
And I will seek until I find
The whole truth,
So you won’t see me fallin’
For nothing but you
‘Cause you are the truth” –Show Me by Beckah Shae


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