The Christmas Season Has Begun!

Yay! The Christmas season is finally here! To express my verve for the start of the Christmas season, I have changed the menu background to a bluish color to match the header! The header picture is Liz, a White Frizzle Cochin Bantam, who I used to have. She didn’t work out with my chickens, because they always picked on her, and my rooster would give her a bloody head. Also, she was broody all the time! So, I gave her away, and now she’s at a good home 🙂

I thought I’d also mention, it might snow tonight! Even though I actually don’t like snow (I know, you probably think I’m crazy), it would be great to take another annual chickens-in-the-snow (or Christmas) photo shoot! Hope ya’ll had a happy Thanksgiving! 🙂


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