It’s been a very eventful year for my flock so far…in a bad way

Here’s a (somewhat) quick update:

-January: there was an Avian Influenza outbreak in our area and my birds got tested. The veterinarian testing our birds was nice and I even got to help you swab a few! Our birds tested negative which was great.

Now, to this month. I lost Sage last sunday (Feb. 8th) to what I thought was a raccoon. Her loss was sad, as she was a show quality bird. Well, today, a falcon attacked my chickens and killed sweet, little April 😦 I will truly miss April–my perfect fitt & show bird, the one who was happily singing in the yard this morning, the one who loved to sleep in my lap. So, I have deduced that the three chickens I’ve lost to predators (Savannah, Sage, and April) were killed by a falcon. I’m not sure how I will prevent further falcon attacks, so I’ll try to keep you all updated.

Thanks for reading!