The Fairs Are Coming Soon!

I’m very nervous, and also excited that I will be doing two fairs in a couple weeks. I am doing the Skagit Fair (August 12th-15th) and the Northwest Washington Fair (August 17th-22nd). I will be entering chickens in the Skagit Fair and photography, posters, chickens, rabbits, and horticulture in the Northwest Washington Fair.

I have been studying frequently for the Poultry Fitting & Showing the past few weeks. I feel like I know a lot, but there are so many other fabulous exhibitors that are much more knowledgable and have more experience than I do. However, I am not saying that I do not have the potential to win, but I am not going to count on winning. To my knowledge, however, the Skagit Fair is not as competitive as the Northwest Washington Fair, so I should have a better chance at winning.

Unfortunately, all but one of my chickens are in horrible conditions for the fair, as they have been fighting a lot. Thus, at this point, I will be mostly showing Gabriela, who is in nearly perfect condition. I am hoping they will grow back their feathers fast enough, but I am also wondering if they are beginning to molt. I will just have to wait and see.

I’ll do my best to keep ya’ll updated with how I do!


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