Air-Sac Disease

A common, but maybe not very well-known poultry disease is called air-sac disease. If you raise a myriad of chickens, you will eventually run into this disease. I believe that we might have had a bird that caught this, but thankfully she survived. It’s always scary when you have a sickly bird, so please heed this article to help prevent your birds from getting this, or cure your birds from getting this.

Air-sac disease affects a chicken’s respiratory system. Symptoms include: constant coughing, trouble breathing, nasal discharge, loss of appetite followed by rapid loss of weight, stunted growth, and frequent closing of the eyes. The cause of this disease is the two pathogenic bacteria: Escherichia Coli and Mycoplasma Gallisepticum which can come from combinations of or just a vaccine, especially vaccines preventing other diseases in the respiratory system. Preventing Air-Sac Disease is fairly simple. You need to not use or simply avoid excessively dusty litter, you need to provide superb ventilation, avoid copious stress and chilling, and try to get mycoplasma-free birds. The best treatment would be to copiously give infected birds vitamin E which is found commonly in egg yolks and leafy vegetables. Vitamin E provides the strength of the cell membrane which helps protect cells against pathogenic bacteria. Also, give birds antibiotics to fight off the bacteria. The mortality of Air-Sac Disease is about 30% so it is a fairly lethal disease. Always be careful that you don’t sell any Air-Sac Disease infested bird’s hatching eggs to people. This disease can be transmitted through eggs.

I think that this disease should be known better by chicken raisers, since it is a common disease. I hope that you will start to help prevent this disease. Please feel free to leave a comment; I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts on this article. Thanks for reading! 🙂





Damerow, Gail  The Chicken Health Handbook


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