Ameraucanas are best known for their bluish-green eggs. They originated in the United States, by crossing Araucanas and other breeds, in order to create a chicken that lays blue-green eggs, but did not carry the lethal “rumpless” genes Araucanas carry. Ameraucanas are one of the most common chicken breeds. They are not known for being tame, they are in fact known for their wild nature. Ameraucanas are best for giving a somewhat large amount of blue-green eggs and not being a pet, although, the occasional Ameraucana may have a better temperament.

Breed: Ameraucana

Size: 5.5-7 pounds

Special features: lays blue-green eggs

Broodiness: Sometimes will go broody

Cold Hardy: Yes

Confinement: does not do well in close confinement

Country of Origin: The United States of America

Eggs per week: about 4

Recognized by the American Poultry Association: Yes

ALBC Status: Not Listed, probably Recovering

Temperament: Flighty; tend to have wild nature


An Ameraucana mix.