Aseel are an old game breed. These birds were bred for cockfighting decades ago. Aseels were the first cockfighting breed. They originated in the India/Pakistan area. Like most game breeds, Aseels are very friendly and tame to their owners, but rooster will fight to the death if put together. Hens are also known for being aggressive too.

Breed: Aseel

Size: 6-9 pounds

Special features: old game breed

Broodiness: Yes, Aseels are very good at brooding

Cold Hardy: No

Confinement: do not tolerate confinement well

Country of Origin: India

Eggs per week: 1-2

Recognized by the American Poultry Association: Yes

ALBC Status: Watch

Temperament: tame and friendly, but aggressive with other chickens


An Aseel rooster. (Picture provided by: Wikipedia)


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