Australorp’s come from Australia. They get their name from the “Austra” in Australia and “Orp” from Orpington. They were bred between Black Orpingtons. They are known for being one of the greatest laying breeds. The record for an Australorp laying the most eggs is 361 eggs in one year, the second highest amount of eggs for a hen of a particular breed (first being a Leghorn laying 371 eggs in a year). ¬†Australorp’s have a fairly good temperament, but some can be skittish and unfriendly.

Breed: Australorp

Size: 7.5-9 pounds

Special features: one of the greatest laying breeds

Broodiness: sometimes

Cold Hardy: Yes

Confinement: tolerate confinement

Country of Origin: Australia

Eggs per week: 5-6

Recognized by the American Poultry Association: Yes

ALBC Status: Recovering

Temperament: usually tame, but sometimes flighty


A Black Australorp hen.


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