d’Anvers are great birds. They originated in Belgium. They used to be a very popular breed, but during the world wars in Europe, the numbers of d’Anvers dropped. d’Anver is the best laying breed out of all of the true bantams. My d’Anver, April, used to lay better than my Leghorn!! They are very small birds, which gives them great advantages when showing. In shows nowadays, they tend to do well but are not very common. d’Anvers are beautiful birds, with a stunning plumage and an extravagant rose comb. From what I’ve seen, their temperaments aren’t my most favorite. They tend to be extremely flighty, but when you hold them, they are the sweetest little things. They seem to just go limp when you hold them. Because of that, they are good birds to use for fitting and showing.

Breed: d’Anver

Size: 26-22 ounces

Special features: they are true bantams, has rose comb.

Broodiness: Yes

Cold Hardy: No

Confinement: Does very well in confinement

Country of origin: Belgium

Eggs per week: 2-3; but I’ve seen up to 4-5

Recognized by the American Poultry Association: Yes

ALBC Status: Not listed

Temperament: Extremely flighty but make great pets when holding them; sweet



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