Houdan is a great breed. They originated in the town of Houdan, France. They are closely related to the Crevecoeur and the Polish. However, they were bred with other fowl, some guess the dorking, because they have a fifth toe.

Houdans come in two varieties, white and mottled, however the white is extremely rare. I am a big devotee of Houdans, as they are: great layers, produce good meat, they are very ornamental with there hilarious crest, and they are great foragers. If you are looking for a very efficient chicken breed, this is your breed. Houdans, Turkens, and Faverolles are the only tri-purpose breeds (as I call them meaning that they are egg layers, meat, and ornamental). Houdans have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. I have happily watched Houdans go from critical, to endangered, to now watch! That’s what discovery can do. I would definitely recommend to get these, they are great birds!

Breed: Houdan

Size: 8-6.5 pounds

Special features: has the second biggest crest of all breeds, has five toes.

Broodiness: Yes

Cold Hardy: No

Confinement: Does well confined

Country of origin: France

Eggs per week: 3-4

Recognized by the American Poultry Association: Yes

ALBC status: Watch

Temperament: Very docile, easily tamed and make good pets.


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