I’m sure at least once you heard the word Malaria. You, most likely, do now know much about Malaria. I hope this article will inform you on the subject. Malaria creates problems in humans, as well as chickens; it has an intriguing cause, process, and prevention.

Malaria is caused by an organism that most people don’t get sick from, a protist. The protist causing Malaria is classified in kingdom Protista subkingdom Protozoa, phylum Sporozoa (a phylum that contains all pathogenic and parasitic organisms) , and genus Plasmodium (which is what I will refer to them as). In most cases where protozoa infects other large organisms, it is by drinking contaminated water. However, it is not transmitted that way.

The process of Malaria is intriguing, as well as disturbing. First, the transmitter of the Plasmodia are mosquitos. Mosquitos ingest the Plasmodia, the plasmodia reproduce, and move to the salivary gland. Once a mosquito bites a human or a chicken, it injects a paucity of the Plasmodia. The Plasmodia then travel through the bloodstream and enters the liver, where they reproduce. Once they have reproduced, the Plasmodia travel back into the bloodstream. Then, they enter red blood cells, reproduce in them until they burst full of small Plasmodia.This process continues and causes few symptoms in chickens until death; and a fever, trembling, chills, and death in humans. One terrible part is, all it takes is a mosquito to bite an infected organism, it ingests the Plasmodia, and the circle continues.

There is no “real” prevention for Malaria. You cannot exactly make a vaccine for Malaria, since it isn’t caused by a bacteria or virus like most vaccines are used; as far as I know, there is no vaccine for Malaria. The only way to prevention Malaria is to decrease mosquito population, which is hard, and not always affective.

Malaria has been a worldwide problem for so long, I think everyone should be informed about this highly pathogenic disease, even if it isn’t prevalent in more developed countries. I hope now, you are more informed about Malaria, to help people, chickens, and other organisms that are greatly affected by this disease.220px-Mosquito_2007-2

A mosquito, the transmitter that causes Malaria. Picture provided by: Wikipedia


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