Hello! Long time no post

So…if you haven’t noticed,  I haven’t been keeping up with this website very well. Thus, I decided to make a FaceBook page. Please like my page!


I Won the Calendar Contest!

A few days ago, I mentioned that I entered the BackYard Chickens calendar contest and made the top 30 pictures. I got a message today that my picture got in the top 12 (meaning it will be on the calendar)! It’s amazing because A LOT of people entered! I don’t think the calendar is up yet, but if you are interested in buying it, you can eventually get it here: http://www.coopedup.net/buy/

BackYard Chickens Calendar Contest

On the website backyardchickens.com they made a contest. They sell calendars every year and needed pictures for it, so they asked the members to post two of their best pictures. Probably around a couple hundred people entered and I got a message this morning stating that my picture is in the top 30!. Meaning I have about a 50% chance of making it on the calendar! Hope mine made it! Here’s the picture that made it:


It’s the end of the fair!

It’s the end of the fair! I really enjoyed doing two fairs in a row, but I am happy to be done. I did much better this year than last year.

-Chickens-I got Reserved Senior, and Reserved Overall in Fitting & Showing. I got two blues and two reds in type. I won grand champion for the costume contest (my chicken was a raptor!!). I also won a superintendent’s award (an award given to the superintendent’s favorite exhibitors). And, I’m excited to say: I was the poultry judge for the Round Robin!

-Rabbits-I got 3rd for the Senior Fitting & Showing and I, somehow, beat the rabbit expert. I won Best of Class for my somewhat new rabbit in type.

-Posters-I got two reds and a white, I was a little disappointed in how I did.

-Horticulture-I got two blues, two reds, and a white.

-Photography-I got a blue.